Bone Shark® Disposable Bone Mill

Improving Bone Grafts, One Patient at a Time!

Lee Medical’s patented Bone Shark® is used in orthopedic procedures where autologous bone is required for an injury or a spinal procedure where new bone growth is needed. The grinding or milling of the autologous graft taken from the patient can be done with reusable capital equipment type products that need to be re-sterilized prior to the next procedure. The Bone Shark® is currently the only truly disposable product on the market today.

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The BoneShark® Advantage

Sterile and Safe:

The Bone Shark® is sterilized through an Ethylene Oxide Process and has an enclosed advanced milling mechanism that eliminates exposure to sharp injuries and cross contamination risk to both patients and personnel.


The Bone Shark® is pre-assembled and ready-to-use. There is no assembly, sterilization, or additional costly auxiliary equipment required. The time, effort and cost to disassemble, sterilize and reassemble a non-disposable bone mill may often exceed the cost of using the Bone Shark®.


Turning The Bone Shark® handle is simple and easy to do. Its patented triple-fluted cutter will cut cortical and cancellous bone into the desired particulate size with ease and efficiency.


The Bone Shark® can be used during surgery that requires bone graft material, including spinal fusion, orthopedic reconstruction, and maxillofacial procedures. It can also be used for restorative dental implants, small bone surgery, and ear, nose and throat surgery (ENT).


The Bone Shark's patented system delivers the exact bone grafts that surgeons prefer, reducing the need for further preparation of the patient's bone.


Q. Can the Bone Shark® be re-sterilized in an autoclave?

No. The Bone Shark® is a single-use device and will not withstand the heat of an autoclave.

Q.What kind of surgery is the Bone Shark® best suited for?

The Bone Shark® can be used during any surgery that requires bone graft material. The ideal cases are those which utilize local patient bone such as single and double level lumbar and cervical fusions and minimally invasive procedures. The Bone Shark® is also being used in facial, dental and small bone reconstructive surgeries.We do not recommend using the Bone Shark® on long segmental fusions.

Q. Can the collection chamber be used to mix the bone graft with osteobiologics?


Q. What size material will the bone output be and how much bone will be lost in the process?

The Bone Shark® creates bone material between 2 to 3 mm in length. Almost 100% of the bone that is being milled will enter into the collection chamber.

Q.Is the Bone Shark® FDA approved?

The Bone Shark® is an FDA registered Class I Medical Device, manufactured utilizing medical grade components.

Q. Can a hospital bill an insurance carrier for the use of the Bone Shark®?

Reimbursable expenses differ by insurance carrier and there is no guarantee that the hospital will be entitled to reimbursement. We encourage hospitals to submit for reimbursement under National Billing Code A4649.

Q. How easy to use is the Bone Shark®?

We have made the use of the Bone Shark® as simple as possible. We encourage the user to review our brief training video and instructions included on this web site.

Q. Is there a reason why the Bone Shark® comes with two plungers?

In the event a plunger is accidentally dropped or removed from the sterile table, we include a second plunger for your convenience.

Q. Are there distributors that we can purchase the Bone Shark® from?

Lee Medical works with distributors located throughout the United States and is always adding more. If you have a distributor that does not carry the Bone Shark®, please have them contact us at 888-422-7717 ext 85 to get started with this product. The Bone Shark® is also available for purchase directly from Lee Medical.

It’s Safe, It’s Strong, It’s Versatile, It’s Cost-Effective, It’s One Patient at a Time, It’s the Future of Bone Mills - What are you waiting for?

The Bone Shark’s compact size easily fits on a sterile back table and can be used in any available operating room; eliminating the need to schedule cases and delay surgical procedures because of conflicts in availability of a non-disposable bone mill.

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